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Beyond Expecting: The Course

Beyond Expecting: The Course

Bridge the leap to motherhood and discover the lost keys to
feeling incredible and healing remarkably fast
in your first few months with baby

Mama and baby are one system: they are born together during the first few months of baby’s life. This is an incredible blessing OR a massive blind spot, depending on your state of being and level of awareness.

What is mama-flow?

flow: The state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does. 

Moms today have what is arguably the highest burden in human history, and I’m not talking about the length of their maternity leave. It’s the isolated nuclear family unit combined with the torrent of information or over-information. It is commonplace for new moms to be highly anxious, both about baby and about how they compare to the descriptions in books or articles, before finally finding flow on their own terms. But mama-flow is a state of being that is your birthright, and with the right awareness and support it is attainable right from month one.

What’s more, mama-flow is vital for avoiding the traps of parenting stress, exhaustion and relationship challenges that a difficult postpartum period provokes. If you’re anxious or at risk for depression, finding your mama-flow during this intense first phase of mothering is invaluable for prevention and treatment.

Learn how to thrive during the steepest learning curve a modern woman can go through!

The essential ingredients to flow – a combination of traditional postpartum wisdom and modern scientific knowledge – are no mystery, but they are hidden behind a curtain of fear-based parenting culture and a whole lot of ideology in the places where connection should be. The Beyond Expecting course was created to break through these barriers and hand over the keys to moms exactly when they need them.

But wait: Doesn’t this come naturally to a mom?  Can’t she tap into her intuition?

A mom does learn to trust her intuition as she builds her connection with and understanding of her baby. As she grows in her experience she also develops her own, unique mothering style. But just like learning to breastfeed, it is a learning process, and it can be gruelling at the start.

There are two basic problems every new mom faces:

1) Not understanding how newborns function, experience the world, get soothed, sleep, and grow. And why would you, when your own newborn is probably the first you’ve ever handled for more than a minute?

2) Not having the kind of pre-existing support that has always existed for moms in traditional cultures. Until relatively recently in human history, a newborn would be parented by many different, close-knit adults and would spend only about 40% of its time with the mother.

These factors combine to turn the first few postpartum months of a modern mother into a real marathon – one for which there is no chance to train in advance! In addition to doing most of the parenting ourselves, learning to breastfeed and recovering from the birth, we also face a steep and seemingly never-ending learning curve of baby soothing, feeding, and sleep.

Your course registation will include:

  • Five group sessions with Julia covering the following seven key motherhood topics:
    1. Entering the Motherhood Matrix
    2. Secrets of the Motherhood Hormone
    3. The Baby Steps of Mama Nutrition
    4. Milking the Wisdom on Breastfeeding
    5. Crying on Mama’s Shoulder
    6. How to Sleep Like a Baby
    7. Building Your Village
  • Pre-launch special: Bonus private coaching and feedback call
  • All supporting materials: worksheets, handouts, and resource lists to guide you with mindset, sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, etc.)

Feedback from previous participants:

“ This course was really exciting for me because it focused on the postnatal period and on raising an infant, and I care a lot about that. It doesn’t seem like there’s much out there for prenatal moms on this. The emphasis on self-care – including postpartum nutrition – and on the development of both baby and mommy over time were important parts of my preparation for this huge life change. ”


“ It’s the combination of great information and real-life experience that had a huge impact on me. Julia is a wealth of knowledge and can definitely help moms feel more at ease during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. ”

“ Something so nice about Julia’s approach is having options but no judgement.  You do what works for you and that’s so good to know when there are so many judgements coming with unsolicited advice. Being a new mom you just feel like “I just want to do this right,” yet there are so many choices! Letting go of that and being open to that little human and what their needs are – I think that is what I need to do. ”

Learn the simple keys to the dance of crying, calmness and rest for you and baby, in an approach that is free of ideology and rich in the understanding of infant development. This sets you up for an adaptive progression through the fast-paced changes in baby’s sleep patterns in those early months, preventing much anxiety and overtiredness for both of you.

What you will get when you join the course:

Over six weeks we will cover the following topics and conclude with a Q & A coaching session

Module 1: Entering the Motherhood Matrix

  • Why there’s a “fourth trimester” and what this means for mamas and babies
  • What happened to motherhood in recent history and what we face today as new mamas
  • The vital awareness we need to have in order to avoid the modern traps of mama misery
  • How to prevent anxiety, isolation and depression in our motherhood journey
  • Core beliefs, societal and cultural assumptions about babies and their impact
  • How to mother with reciprocity: trusting and loving our babies AND ourselves
  • The reality of infant development and what a developmental perspective offers you
  • Postpartum traditions that nourish mamas and allow for bonding and breastfeeding
  • Modern wisdom for birth and postpartum physical recovery
  • The key ingredients for finding that mama flow state.

Module 2: Secrets of the Motherhood Hormone

  • How we experience our babies and the transition into motherhood
  • What factors influence our perception, mood and bodies
  • How a mama’s brain changes – for the better
  • What we need in order to enable breastfeeding
  • How baby’s development mirrors mama’s state early on
  • What imbalance and deficiency look like
  • The dark side of bonding hormones

 Module 3: The Baby Steps of Mama Nutrition

  • Vital nutrition for the third trimester
  • Building your reserves for what’s ahead
  • Key vitamins and supplements to support late pregnancy, birth and baby
  • Week-by-week postnatal nutrition to support mama’s recovery
  • Breastfeeding and mama’s diet: truths and myths

Module 4: Milking the Wisdom on Breastfeeding

  • How we really learn to breastfeed
  • What is more foundational than technique and milk supply
  • Tools and hacks to create a good foundation for breastfeeding
  • Resources to have on hand in case you do need them: online and local
  • Mama’s health, nutrition and breastmilk supply
  • Breastfeeding 101
  • Problem-solving basics
  • Developmental wisdom and preparing for change: how baby’s breastfeeding behaviour changes through the first weeks and months of life

Module 5: Crying on Mama’s Shoulder

  • The reality of baby crying patterns
  • What’s normal and what’s not
  • Why it’s so hard for us to hear this sound
  • Becoming aware of our personal and cultural assumptions about crying
  • Coping with crying
  • Getting creative to soothe baby

Module 6: How to Sleep Like a Baby

  • The reality of newborn sleep
  • Mindset and expectations around baby sleep: avoiding sleep anxiety traps
  • Sleep science basics
  • Creating the conditions conducive to optimal sleep
  • The balance between responding to baby’s cues and anticipating an appropriate “schedule”
  • Developmental wisdom and preparing for change: how baby sleep changes over the first months of life
  • Different babies, different sleep: how much variety is there amongst babies and how to get to know your unique baby
  • Coping with sleep deprivation
  • Choices mamas make about baby sleep: getting away from extremes and towards awareness, understanding and communication
  • Common misconceptions and blind spots: avoiding traps that hold baby back from great sleep

Module 7: Building Your Village

  • Why a village becomes so important as a new mama is born and beyond
  • How to conceptualize a village in modern times
  • Working through our big blocks that prevent village building
  • Building self-awareness around attitudes and expectations we’ve accumulated in the pre-baby era
  • Tools and ideas for creating community in your life with baby
  • Beginning to tap into your larger vision of the life you’d like to share with baby

Final Week: Group Q & A and Coaching Session

  • On Week 6 we will have an open-ended Q & A and coaching session where you will be free to ask any questions on your mind as well as listen to others’ questions (which are probably very similar to yours!).

Participants in this round of the course will also be the last ones to receive the following pre-launch special:

Bonus Private 30min. Coaching & Feedback Session

  • After the course is done you will have the opportunity to schedule a personal call with me to discuss anything that’s on your mind that wasn’t addressed earlier.
  • I will in turn be asking for your feedback about the course.
  • This will be the last time I offer these private sessions before the official launch!

Your self-knowledge and baby knowledge work together beautifully to help you flourish. Your ability to get into a state of flow is vital to your emotional and mental wellbeing, for your baby’s flourishing, and for your other family relationships. You can bridge the leap into motherhood without spending hours googling, reading conflicting opinions, and getting lost in guilt and anxiety.

Feedback from new moms:

“ I really enjoyed the course as it provided me with the information about navigating  the postpartum period that my other prenatal course didn’t touch on. My prenatal course and the additional resources I had were all very focused on pregnancy and birth. The course complemented this information by providing practical advice that I hadn’t realized I would need about sleep, hormonal changes, self-care for moms in the fourth trimester, and much more. And besides filling in all these gaps for me, Flow Mama Flow also addressed the emotional side of being postpartum. I highly recommend it for other moms-to-be!”


“ The course was unique and extremely helpful. The journey which it takes an expecting mother on is the best preparation for the challenging reality of postnatal life. Julia sheds light on the most important facets of newfound motherhood with regard to both mother and newborn, giving priceless insight into the ins and outs of everything you need to know, without having to purchase a mountain of parenting books. I strongly recommend this course as it offers tremendous value – the seamless blend of knowledge and wisdom it offers will extinguish the flames of every new mother’s worrisome questions, as it did for me. 


For this final pilot round the course will cost only $97 CDN

Your course registation will include:

  • Five live group sessions with Julia covering the following seven key motherhood topics:
    • Module 1: Entering the Motherhood Matrix
    • Module 2: Secrets of the Motherhood Hormone
    • Module 3: The Baby Steps of Mama Nutrition
    • Module 4: Milking the Wisdom on Breastfeeding
    • Module 5: Crying on Mama’s Shoulder
    • Module 6: How to Sleep Like a Baby
    • Module 7: Building Your Village
  • Pre-launch special: Bonus private coaching and feedback call
  • All supporting materials: worksheets, handouts, and resource lists to guide you with mindset, sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, etc.

Get the course for $97 CDN.

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