Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum Doula Services

Prenatal visit: at home or in office

  • Pregnancy support: nutrition, physical comfort, birth preparation, building and trusting your team, emotional wellbeing, navigating decisions.
  • Preparing for the postpartum phase: planning to thrive, laying the foundations for a peaceful and enjoyable start.

Postnatal home visits (6)

  • Nutritional planning and other preparations so that you can get nourished and be at your best to nourish your baby.
  • Hands-on bodywork (using Bowen technique and acupuncture).
  • Training in how best to release tension and recover physically (using self-acupressure and massage, positioning, and other movement exercises).  This teaches you to find comfort and get back on track by loving and eventually strengthening your postpartum body.
  • Breastfeeding support (not lactation consulting), offering the crucial emotional support needed for a mom to be able to breastfeed successfully.
  • Mama counseling and support, both practical and emotional. Care, recovery and adjustment for the mom, working through the challenges of recovering from birth and mothering a new baby.

Twice-monthly online group meetings

From the comfort of your own home, with facilitated group discussion and special topics such as pelvic-floor and abdominal recovery, baby-wearing, baby sleep and nutrition, navigating family relationships during motherhood, and more.

 “The Mama Map”

A concise guide showing you how to weave your life, goals, activities and expectations into your baby’s predictable developmental phases during the first year – so that you can flourish and flow instead of freak out and react during your first year as mama.


A bundle of essential pampering and recovery items:

  • Belly-binding materials
  • Acu-Products Kit for self acupressure and tension release along with healthy sitting and heat application
  • Head massager
  • Calendula salve for nipple and perineal healing
  • Natural sesame massage oil for mama and baby
  • Spices and teas to support digestion and milk production
  • Recipes for each week as you move through the golden month and beyond

The cost of all the above services is $2200. To register please contact me.