Beyond Expecting

Our culture is focused on babies, but the truth is that when a baby is born a mother is born too...

This is why it is important to prepare not only for labor but also for what comes after: the fourth trimester and the rest of the postpartum period. If you know what to anticipate, you will be able to harness this challenging time into an incredible opportunity for growth. 

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The Three Things Every Woman Should Know for a Thriving Fourth Trimester with Her Baby

Hello, I’m Julia – a mom, postpartum doula, and naturopathic doctor. I help pregnant women and new mothers experience connection, confidence and wellbeing.

Many years ago I was inspired to become a naturopathic doctor by my desire to see a better world full of resilient families and children. Becoming a mom myself was so transformative and challenging that I have dedicated myself to learning from various experts on mother and baby health, sleep and nutrition. I have since become certified as a postpartum doula with the Newborn Mothers Collective.

The ability to grow and adapt in response to life’s inevitable transitions is the key indicator of vibrant health. Through nourishing support and practical wisdom, I teach pregnant mothers to think beyond expecting so that as new mothers they can thrive and avoid getting stuck in exhaustion and anxiety.

Beyond Expecting: The Course

Most pregnant mothers prepare for labor, but the birth of your baby is only the beginning of the motherhood journey. Anticipating the challenges of the postpartum period will empower you to enter motherhood with calm, confidence, and ease.


Learn to nourish yourself as you
recover from pregnancy and labor.


Gain the confidence to handle the
many challenges of motherhood.


Find your flow and develop your vision
for your family and community.

"This course was really refreshing: Julia's approach is unique and really resonated with me. Nothing was clichéd like the stuff you read on websites. It went a level deeper. Once I had my baby my brain went into a different place than before. Without this course I would have been much more stressed out by this. Being pregnant is a beautiful and complex time and having these resources can help an expectant mother feel informed about the things that really matter."


"It’s the combination of great information and real-life experience that had a huge impact on me. Julia is a wealth of knowledge and can definitely help moms feel more at ease during their pregnancy and postpartum journey."



The Three Things Every Mother Must Know for a
Thriving Fourth Trimester with her Baby


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The Three Things Every Woman Should Know for a Thriving Fourth Trimester with Her Baby